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For Users:

Easy to take – without swallow & water

Improved Taste

Convenient to Carry – small size for your pocket or wallet

High Compliance for Senior Age, Children, Pets

For Brands:

Innovation and Differentiation


Reduced Transportation Costs

Fassion Design for Brand Extension

Lower Manufacturing Costs

Our Customized Formulations for Dietary Supplements:

  1. Vitamin C Dissolvable Tablets (Active Ingredient: Vitamin C)
  2. Calcium Supplementation Films (Active Ingredient: Calcium)
  3. Magnesium Sleep Aid Films (Active Ingredient: Magnesium)
  4. Antioxidant Vitamin Films (Active Ingredients: Vitamin E, Vitamin C)
  5. Infant Vitamin D Drops (Active Ingredient: Vitamin D)
  6. Cold Relief Films (Active Ingredients: Vitamin C, Zinc)
  7. Iron Supplementation Films (Active Ingredient: Iron)
  8. Potassium Supplementation Films (Active Ingredient: Potassium)
  9. Sweet Orange Collagen Films (Active Ingredient: Collagen)
  10. Coenzyme Q10 Heart Health Films (Active Ingredient: Coenzyme Q10)
  11. Calming and Soothing Films (Active Ingredients: Herbal Extracts)
  12. Deep Sleep Aid Films (Active Ingredients: Melatonin, Amino Acids)
  13. Infant Probiotic ODFs (Active Ingredients: Probiotics)
  14. Children’s Allergy Relief Films (Active Ingredients: Antihistamines)
  15. Lemon-Flavored Herbal Throat Films (Active Ingredients: Herbal Extracts)
  16. Smoking Cessation Aid Films (Active Ingredients: Nicotine Replacement)
  17. Lactose Tolerance ODFs (Active Ingredient: Lactase)
  18. Multimineral Supplementation Films (Active Ingredients: Various Minerals)
  19. Cardiovascular Health ODFs (Active Ingredients: Isoflavones, Coenzyme Q10)
  20. Digestive Enzyme Supplementation Films (Active Ingredient: Digestive Enzymes)
  21. Immune Boosting ODFs (Active Ingredients: Vitamin C, Zinc)
  22. Weight Management Support Films (Active Ingredients: Fiber, Oat Extract)
  23. Antidepressant ODFs (Active Ingredients: Herbal Extracts)
  24. Glucosamine Joint Health Films (Active Ingredient: Glucosamine)
  25. Eye Health Vitamin ODFs (Active Ingredients: Lutein, Corn Starch)
  26. High-Protein Children’s Nutrition Films (Active Ingredients: Protein, Vitamins, Minerals)
  27. Pet Vitamin D Supplementation Films (Active Ingredient: Vitamin D)
  28. Pet Joint Health ODFs (Active Ingredients: Glucosamine, Chondroitin)
  29. Pet Coat Health Films (Active Ingredients: Vitamin E, Zinc)
  30. Pet Calming ODFs (Active Ingredients: Herbal Extracts)

    There Are Much More Formulations in Database for Your Business.

What We Can Do For You?

When it comes to dietary supplement clients, we offer a range of orally dissolving film (ODF) project services designed to provide a one-stop solution, so clients can focus on their product while leaving the rest to us. Here is a comprehensive list of our service offerings:

  1. Formulation Process Development: Our expert team is dedicated to developing the best ODF formulation processes for clients to ensure product quality and efficacy.
  2. Contract Manufacturing: We provide high-quality contract manufacturing services to ensure that your ODF products are produced to the highest standards.
  3. Formulation Technology: We offer advanced formulation technology to ensure the stability, solubility, and taste of ODF products.
  4. Supply Chain for Raw Materials and Packaging: We establish a reliable supply chain for raw materials, ensuring high-quality and dependable supply.
  5. Full Equipment Delivery: We provide a full suite of ODF manufacturing equipment services, including equipment procurement, installation, commissioning, and training, ensuring a smooth start to production.
  6. Rapid Formula Development: We respond quickly to client needs, accelerating the development of ODF formulations to shorten time-to-market.
  7. Sampling and Small-Batch Production: We support clients in sample production and small-batch manufacturing to ensure product quality and feasibility.
  8. On-Site Equipment Commissioning: Our team is responsible for on-site equipment commissioning to ensure all equipment functions properly for a smooth production start.
  9. Successful Trial Production: We collaborate with clients to ensure successful trial production with products meeting the expected standards.
  10. Post-Sales Technical Support: We offer comprehensive post-sales technical support, including equipment maintenance, spare parts supply, and timely response to technical inquiries.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive range of services for dietary supplement clients, from the initial development of ODFs to equipment commissioning and post-sales support, allowing clients to focus on the successful promotion and expansion of their products without worrying about any details.

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