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What is ODF/OTF?

What is OTF/ODF?

An oral thin film (OTF) or as known as orally dissolving film(ODF) is an extremely thin layer made of a single or multi-layer polymeric structure that is applied within the oral cavity.

OTFs are typically composed of water-based soluble polymers engineered for rapid drug delivery into the bloodstream. Depending on the specific drug being used and the intended medical condition, OTF can be prepared in two primary ways:

Orodispersible films, which function similarly to traditional orodispersible tablets. In this scenario, the OTF dissolves within seconds upon contact with saliva in the mouth, and the drug content is then ingested along with the saliva, following a route akin to that of a regular tablet.

Transmucosal films, where the active substance directly enters the systemic circulation through the buccal mucosa, bypassing the hepatic first-pass effect.

The active ingredient may exist in either a dissolved or suspended state within the polymeric matrix.

15 reasons to choose OTF/ODF

For Pharmaceutucal

  1. Rapid Absorption
  2. Increased Bioavailability
  3. Reduced Drug Side Effects
  4. Immediate Release
  5. Multiple Drug Combination
  6. Improved Drug Stability

For manufacturers

  1. Lower Manufacturing Costs
  2. Innovation and Differentiation
  3. Customizable
  4. Reduced Transportation Costs
  5. Brand Extension

For Users

  1. Easy To Take Without Water
  2. Improved Taste
  3. Portability & Fassion
  4. High Patient Compliance

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